Following our initial training with Ann I couldn’t understand how we listened to young babies. Ann spent a morning with us in our room and highlighted the learning that was taking place that previously we had been missing. We noted their facial expressions, squeals of glee, laughter and how they interacted with the available materials, space and each other. We noticed repetitive actions which may have been highlighting an interest and posed questions and discussed how to adapt the environment to discover a possible theory to our question. I learnt so much from her. Thank you.


January 2013 – Julie (Little Barn Owls Nursery and Farm School )


Today’s training has made me reflect upon the way we observe the children in our care and take time to sit back, watch and truly listen to the children and how they interact with the materials and each other.


June 2015 – Judith (Waverley Preparatory School and Nursery. following inset  training – “Reggio Emilia, A creative and reflective approach to early years education”)

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